In March 2019 John Lewis & Partners started rethinking the push notifications design on the iOS app. The main focus of this project was to increase the number of customers opting in to push notifications.
Lead Visual Designer


Developed visual style of push onboarding, organised user testing and created prototypes. 
Designed animation and led the implementation of the project by working closely with the in-house development team. 

John Lewis & Partners​​​​​​​, 2019

Each onboarding screen informed users about a different benefit 
the push notifications. Users were presented with three screens at different points in time, avoid overloading users with too much information at once. 

The first onboarding screen was animated. By doing so we were trying to pause the users and attract their attention to the message. The screen appears on the third app launch, so users have 
a time to explore the app and get familiar first. 

Images are updated based on the season, so the app always
stays relevant.
By mixing home and fashion 
content we where able to targeted a cross section users.